Autoblogger Pro, Agreeable Theft Or Innovation?

First of all, there may be some of you that accept never even heard of Autoblogger Pro. So let’s appraise this new script. Autoblogger Pro is absolutely a actual simple concept. It integrates itself into a WordPress blog and again uses RSS feeds from account sources and blogs to abide the blog with accordant content. For example, if you wish to body a blog that focuses on ‘Mortgages’ again you would artlessly locate several blog or account feeds that focus on mortgages and again amount them into the admin breadth of the script. Every time the Software is accomplished it will again cull in the RSS augment from all of the sites you’ve entered, and column them to the blog. In essence, you end up with a blog that contains awful targeted content, attenuated and different because it comes from a array of sources. All maintained by you with the bang of a button! (A sample ABP blog can be apparent here: )

Let me say this now. I am an apostle of Autoblogger Pro and I anticipate that it’s a absurd and analytic development of the accepted use of RSS feeds. It’s change people, and I anticipate it’s fantastic!

But this morning I was surfing the web and I happened to do a seek for Autoblogger Pro to see what added humans were saying. To my shock and agitation I begin abounding sites agreeable that Autoblogger Pro users are ‘content thieves’ , ‘content RAPISTS’, ‘Scam artists’ etc. I begin this actual disturbing, so I researched a few of their websites to see if their agreeable was in some way accepting in fact stolen. To be honest, I absolutely had to beam if I looked at a lot of of their sites. Prominently displayed on all of them were buttons for their assorted RSS feeds, allurement for syndication!

What absolutely did you apprehend if you put that augment on your site? RSS is authentic as Absolutely Simple Syndication. So aren’t you allurement that your agreeable be amalgamated if you put the augment hotlink on your website??? Of advance you are. Either they are too benighted to accept what RSS is and put it on their sites after alive what it is, or they are just apprenticed or naïve and accept that alone a few humans with account readers will use the feed.

There’s a actual simple band-aid for this if you’re one of those humans arrant foul. TAKE THE FEED DOWN. If you don’t wish your agreeable syndicated, don’t put up a feed!

Now there are some responsibilities that accept to be captivated by users of Autoblogger Pro, it’s a actual able script, and there are options to use it unethically. If syndicating someone’s agreeable you charge to accord CREDIT to the source. Remember autograph appellation affidavit in academy or top school? You consistently accept to accord acclaim to your sources. Autoblogger Pro gives you the advantage in it’s agreement to accord acclaim and a hotlink aback to every column you get from syndication. USE THIS FEATURE. It’s alone appropriate to accord acclaim area acclaim is due. If this is done properly, all of those blogs you’re accepting your agreeable from will break happy, because they are in about-face accepting superior links aback to their site, from addition accordant site, and that in about-face helps them in their seek engine standings. It may even forward them some cartage if your Autoblogger Pro website has some.

Like it or not, alliance of agreeable is what RSS was advised for. If you don’t like how your agreeable is accepting syndicated, don’t put up a feed. But if you see the positives for agreeable alliance you’ll accept that Autoblogger Pro sites will enhance your site, not backbite from it. In the continued run you’ll be animated to see your agreeable in bags of places on the web!

Till next time,

Chuck Crawford

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