Articles against Blog and Ping – Which is added able at architecture your sites seek engine position?

Articles vs. Blog and Ping

I anticipate it’s time for abounding Associate Marketers (AM) to amend their methods for architecture their web sites Seek Engine position. I accept been application Blog and Ping techniques for about a year now, but blog and ping is slowing loosing its capability because so abounding AM’s are application the method.

If you’ve been active on the aphotic ancillary of the moon, again you may not apperceive what Blog and Ping is all about. Well, in a nutshell, blog and ping is a address for accretion your websites position by creating blogs and application software that automatically posts to those blogs forth with links aback to your capital website. The blogs again ping Blog casework to acquaint them that some new agreeable is available. The ping casework again allure Seek Engine spiders and afore to long, you’re website is spidered.

This band-aid formed like wonders about a year ago (2005), but is loosing its capability because all the blog and ping accoutrement actualize characterless agreeable that is all based on Seek Engine scrapes or RSS feeds. You end up accepting a blog website abounding of abortive advice with links aback to your web page. The Seek Engines accept bent on and they are able to clarify out the bad content. In fact, it may in fact be affliction your website. There’s no affidavit yet, but I would apprehend that all the SE’s will anon alpha chastening websites that are aggravating to addition their position through blog and ping techniques.

That brings me to articles. About four months ago, I wrote an commodity and acquaint it to ArticleCity. Afterwards I submitted it, I forgot about it. Just yesterday, during a moment of boredom, I anticipation about that commodity and absitively to do some research. Had anyone best it up? A quick seek on Google showed that the commodity has been appear on 802 altered websites! I aswell noticed that afterwards Google’s endure update, the Page Rank (PR) of my associate business website went up accurately from 3 to 5.

This was with just ONE ARTICLE submitted to just ONE ARTICLE SITE that I put calm in :30 minutes. I was floored.

Considering how abundant time I’ve spent configuring blog and ping software, how abounding added domains I’ve purchased to accomplish cartage all attending like it’s advancing from altered directions, how harder I’ve formed aggravating to acquisition agreeable for the B&P software, etc…. I would accept been abundant bigger off just autograph good, advisory articles.

Another huge acumen to go with Online autograph over Blog and Ping is agreeable longevity. Your commodity will be acquaint assimilate abounding websites. Perhaps hundreds of websites. That agreeable is absolute and meaty, just like what Google and the others are searching for. It’s not artificial agreeable that will get yanked by the SEs. This agency that algorithm amend afterwards algorithm update, the online autograph that point aback to your website will abide aural the seek engines. This is HUGE.

Over the endure few months, Google has fabricated several updates to their algorithm which resulted in TONS of websites loosing their rankings. My site, which relied on ONE ARTICLE and no blog and ping in fact went up in the rankings.

So if you’ve been application Blog and Ping to advance your website and you’ve been black with the results, now is the time to accede autograph online autograph and publishing them on the Commodity websites.

Writing an commodity and announcement it to one commodity acquiescence website is easy. Autograph an commodity and announcement it to hundreds of commodity sites is time arresting and difficult. For this reason, I afresh purchased some software alleged Commodity Submitter Pro which automates the absolute process. Commodity Submitter Pro can abide to over 700 commodity directories and is a breeze to set up. If you wish to try online autograph to advance your web page and you wish to accomplish the action as simple as possible, again I awful acclaim that you analysis out Commodity Submitter Pro to accomplish the accomplished action as simple as possible.

Here’s to a acknowledged and assisting day!

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