8 Ways To Use A Blog To Advance Agreeable For Your Book

1. Participate in the blogosphere: Read and animadversion on added blogs in your field. This is a prime way to body readership of your blog. It is aswell a way of accepting beginning agreeable for both your blog and for your book.

The Word Blog on Wooden Cubes

To analysis out added blogs in your niche: use www.blogsearch.google.com, www.technorati.com, or www.google.com.

This is aswell a acceptable way to get ideas. What are added humans in your acreage autograph about? What are the above challenges of the humans in your field? If you accept competitors, analysis them out. They may be a abundant advice in alarming you for agreeable ideas, altered slants and perspectives. The old song, “Anything you can do, I can do better,” comes to mind.

2. Ask readers to animadversion on your blog. In fact, anniversary time you column something, ask them a question. Again spell it out to them on how to column a animadversion because your readers will apparently charge to be accomplished or at atomic encouraged to comment. (“Click on the animadversion hotlink in the footer of this post, and leave your responses.”)

Sometimes readers will charge assurances of privacy, in which case, you can ask them to email you their questions or comments in private. Others are not afraid about aloofness because afterwards all, a blog isn’t meant to be private. However, readers can be shy about commenting, and charge encouragement.

You may aswell animate them to acknowledge by cogent them that you would like to use their replies in your book, but will alone do so with their permission.

3. Analysis your readers, do a mini-study on their preferences, their experiences, etc. The Internet is the fastest way to access some statistics of readers’ preferences. Far from getting a scientifically accurate abstraction that would canyon aggregation in universities with academicians, an breezy analysis can accord you account and actual to address about. It can aswell affirm that you are acclamation the apropos of your readers.

4. Run a challenge for the best idea, funniest experience, a lot of affecting or heart-grabbing situation. If you wish to use these readers’ responses for agreeable in your book, you should acquaint them. Many humans jump at the adventitious to be included in a book. Others may adopt to participate anonymously. You can accord them both options.

Here’s an archetype of how one biographer asked his readers for input:

Do You Accept A Torn WIndows Story?

Michael Levine’s new book, Torn WIndows, Torn Business is getting appear after this month. Many humans feel this is traveling to be a mega best-seller.

We accept set up a website, area you can bluster about torn windows in your accustomed experience… Analysis it out at BrokenWindows.com.

People adulation to allotment their experiences, and they adulation to rant, or rave. Just ask.

5. Ask your readers to appear a teleseminar based on the needs, challenges, concepts and account of your blog readers. This is a abundant way to go added into the problems and solutions you are autograph about. You can almanac the sessions, transcribe the dialogue, catechumen the teleseminar to audio and PDF files. These can be sold, or accustomed abroad as business abstracts for your book.

6. Use your blog website beat stats to appraise what are the a lot of accepted online writing posted. This advice will adviser you to aggrandize on the capacity and subtopics that abduction the interests of readers.

7. Consistently reconnect with your passion, and burn and affect others with agnate interests. Afterwards you’ve been blogging for awhile, you will apparently advance acceptable blogging habits:

a. Address something on your blog daily, or at atomic 2-3 times a week.

b. Read added blogs 2-3 times a week. Be abiding to use the My Yahoo or added RSS augment buttons to subscribe to your admired blogs, or assurance up to get email updates through a FeedBlitz account on anniversary blog.

c. Address with your readers in mind. And if you’re not abiding area their interests lie, ask them. If they’ve begin your blog, and accept subscribed, affairs are you allotment a lot in common.

d. If you anytime abatement into blog-block, reconnect with your amount purpose for the blog (remember, the one you wrote out afore starting your blog?). When this happens there is usually a reason, although it may not be bright to you at the time. This will pass. You can advice it forth by allurement questions – of your readers, yourself, your abutting allies.

8. Podcasting – Create audio files calmly by scheduling teleclasses and recording them. Some humans like to get their advice auditorily and at their accessibility by downloading mp3 files to their iPods.

Use a chargeless teleconferencing arch band like http://www.freeconference.com to host a call. Almanac your call, upload the audio book and again column to your blog or podcast application a account like http://www.audioblog.com.

As an added benefit, you can get these calls transcribed; again catechumen the chat doc to a PDF book which you can either accord away, or sell, in barter for people’s email address; http://www.CastingWords.com is a fast, affordable archetype service.

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