5 Cool Mobile Phone Functions

The world is becoming an inferior place…literally! Gadgets of the yore used to have a certain presence within one’s home, but today the majority of have shrunk down to easily fit in the palm of our hands. Technology has come a long way since the times of Alexander Graham Bell as well as Thomas Alva Edison. Within today’s fast paced world, ‘multi-tasking’ is the mantra for devices and people. For instance, today’s cell phones are powerful feature loaded devices that you can slip into the pocket of your favorite entire body hugging denims.

In the beginning, mobile phones were used to merely create calls. Today, mobile producers compete with each other to release feature rich cell phones constantly. Here is a list of some of the best features available on a cell phone today:

1 . Cameras: The actual camera phone was developed in 1997 and now this constitutes 85% of all cellphone sales in the United States. There are two sorts of cameras available on cellular phones, these are VGA and electronic. Camera Mobile technology offers come so far that people are now able to even make mobile movies using their phones. Mobile phones along with cameras offer a great way take pictures or shoot movies wherever and whenever. You can then transfer these types of images and videos onto your PC anytime you like.

2 . Music: With the present models of mobile phones, you can pay attention to you favorite tunes throughout the move. Mobile phones nowadays can store and perform most music formats such as MP3 and. wav. Actually you can even tune in to your selection of radio stations on your mobile phone and revel in uninterrupted hours of music nirvana.

3. Business: Numerous cell phone models have been personalized to serve the needs from the traveling business man. Capabilities include personal organizer, calendars, memos, reminders, email service, etc .

4. Connectivity: The most recent models of mobile phones offer a sponsor of wireless connectivity functions such as Bluetooth, infrared, and so on The Bluetooth is a software program that allows you to connect and swap various files with any kind of mobile phone with a Bluetooth functionality within a radius of approximately ten meters. This can also be carried out with the infrared function, just in this case, the infrared slots of both the phones have to be aligned with one another in order for the particular exchange to take place. A cellular phone can even act as a wireless device to the PC and one may even surf the internet using the GPRS feature on the mobile phone by itself.

5. Appearance: Apart from the numerous high-tech features, mobile phones are available in a plethora shapes, sizes and colours. The colors may range from any cute pink to blasting red, from the simple matte black to flashy stainless. Even the way you can run the keypads of these cell phones has changed. Besides the various key pad designs with different backlight choices, you can buy yourself different styles of cell-phones, ranging from the normal to the switch and slider varieties.

In any manner you look at it, cellphones are becoming smaller, slimmer, quicker and smarter. There is one which fits every budget, bank account and personality. So go on and pick one up for yourself and discover an entire new world of mobile phone technologies.

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