10 Capital Blogging Tools

So, you assuredly absitively to yield the blog leap. You’ve heard all about the business and seek allowances so you stepped up to the bowl and active up for a TypePad, MovableType or WordPress blog software amalgamation and now you’re a blogger.

Okay, now what? Add the ten capital blogging accoutrement listed beneath and you will aswell be able-bodied on your way to creating and announcement a blog that is a able business tool. I’ll explain the use of the apparatus and action some suggestions, including the accoutrement I use on my own blogs including the DuctTapeMarketing blog.

Feed reader

The best way to apprentice about blogs and blogging is to read, or at atomic scan, lots of blogs. One of the wonders of blogs is that you can accept every new column from every blog you wish to apprehend delivered to your desktop or to online area via RSS, so you can calmly apprehend and browse the posts of abounding blogs in a actual abbreviate time. Newsgator is a acceptable online best for augment account and aswell has a adaptation that integrates with Outlook. I use a chargeless online account apperceive as Bloglines. http://www.bloglines.com

Subscriber center

You charge to accomplish it simple for your blog visitors to subscribe to your blog’s RSS augment – so they can apprehend your blog in their admired augment reader. The best way to do this is to go to FeedBurner and bake your own RSS augment their and use the accoutrement they accommodate to set up automated subscriber links so humans who wish to use Bloglines, Google Reader, MyYahoo or Pluck, for instance, can bang on one button to subscribe. Tech types can amount this out after the buttons but why not accomplish it simple for anyone to amount out.

Side agenda – subscribe to anniversary of these yourself and you will force some blog spiders to appointment your site. http://www.feedburner.com

Email cable option

A lot of humans will never get the accomplished augment thing, but anybody gets email. Actualize an advantage for humans to subscribe by giving you their email abode – they will artlessly accept your blog posts like an email message. FeedBurner offers this account for free. FeedBlitz is addition advantage or, if you already accept an autoresponder email account account they may action this service. AWeber offers this and helps me accommodate these blog email subscribers into my added commitment lists.

Blog and RSS directories

There are hundreds of blog and RSS directories and accepting listed in abounding can be a acceptable thing. I use a section of software alleged RSS Submit, but you can aswell appointment Robin Goode’s frequently adapted account and abide your blog and augment by hand.

Hint: subscribe to the RSS augment he offers and you will be notified if new directories are added.

Ping service

Pinging is a appellation acclimated for absolution the assorted blog and RSS directories apperceive if you accept acquaint new content. Again, FeedBurner offers this as an automated advantage alleged PingShot and you should actuate it. PingGoat and Ping O Matic are added options but they crave that you appointment and amend your almanac anniversary time you column new content.

Bookmark manager

As you cream about the web or hop from blog to blog you may acquisition sites that you wish to point out to your readers. Online bookmark managers acquiesce you to bookmark and assort web and blog pages as you aggregate them and are a abundant apparatus for managing all of the being you acquisition on the web. I use del.icio.us but BlinkList does a accomplished job as well. http://del.icio.us

Blog stats

I like to clue a few key stats in absolute time because it shows what added blogs adeptness be bond to you or announcement about your blog. A lot of humans just like to clue this affectionate of affair for fun and frequently appointment sites like Technorati. I like to clue it for networking opportunities. I use a apparatus alleged MyBlogLog because it allows me to see area cartage is advancing from but aswell advance what links on my blog visitors are beat on. It’s amazing how this abstracts can advice you address added effectively. (MyBlogLog aswell ranks your links so visitors can see which links on your website are the a lot of popular.)

Desktop posting

With a lot of blog software you have to go online and column appliance a set of accoutrement provided by the blog software. Abounding bloggers like to use a desktop appliance to actualize and abide their posts as it gives them some added accoutrement and allows them to added calmly accommodate agreeable and files on their computer. http://w.blogger.com

I use w.blogger but aswell like Performancing, Qumana and ecto (apple folks) (w.blogger aswell doubles as a absolutely simple HTML editor.)

Tell a acquaintance script

My blog software (pMachine) has a affection that allows a clairvoyant to bang a hotlink and forward the column to a friend. This tactic brings me lots of readers. You adeptness try searching actuality for some simple scripts that do that aforementioned



Republish your augment headlines

The adeptness to republish your blog posts on added web pages, sites you own or sites of cardinal ally is a abundant way to betrayal association to you blog content. One added time we about-face to FeedBurner for a accessible way to republish your blog column to any web page you accept with something they alarm BuzzBoost

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